Abdominoplasty -Liposuction

Tummy Tuck is for Loose Skin after Pregnancy and Cesarean Section ( Abdominoplasty, Abdominodermatolipectomy, Abdominal Sculpture for hanging loose skin all mean the same.)
Abdominoplasty tightens the loose skin and the muscles of the abdominal wall.It is sometimes combined with liposuction to smooth the edges and improve the contour.
A mini-abdominoplasty is used when there is localized fullness of the lower abdomen, and a less extensive procedure is needed.
Risks: As with any surgery: swelling, bruising, fluid collections, bleeding, infection, a scar, and numbness, or change in feeling. Others are special for this operation like the long scar and slow healing. This is major operation, and there are major risks like blood clots or skin necrosis.
Postop Care: This is a major operation and the recovery takes at least two weeks. Most people are back to work between two to four weeks.